Tank and Pipe Lining

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Chemco has been designing specialist tank lining systems for over 30 years. The glassflake linings have a successful track record in the most aggressive chemical and high temperature applications. Chemco also offer a range of ceramic systems for tank lining where abrasion, as well as chemical resistance, is required.


Polyester and Vinylester glassflake range:

For more than 30 years Chemco’s range of polyester and vinylester products have provided the most cost effective tank lining solution for the most aggressive combination of chemicals and high temperatures. Successful case histories spanning 3 decades are the best evidence that Chemco's “original glassflake systems” are not the same as the commodity type/low performance/low cost spray grade products available in the market!
The vinylester range has now mostly superseded polyester as it can handle the most aggressive chemicals at higher temperatures.


Solvent-free epoxy and novolac epoxy range:                      

In view of existing and anticipating future legislation regarding Health & Safety and Environmental Protection; lowering of Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C.'s); restrictions on grit blasting and higher costs of disposal, a new approach is necessary. Over the past 2 decades Chemco has responded by designing a completely new range of tank lining products utilising high performance, solvent-free technology. These products are state of the art and do not require specialist equipment or heating. Low viscosity epoxy and novolac epoxy technology enable the industry to benefit by reducing the number of coats and thus the cost and duration of contracts. High build coats of 250-1000 microns per coat and self-priming products remove the need for primers (weakest layer) and multi-coat systems. The benefits are:-

  • Solvent-free: no requirement for specialist ventilation or fire precaution
  • Wet tolerant: in many cases products can be applied without humidity control
  • Surface preparation: alternatives to grit blasting can be employed
  • Reduced duration: fast cure/over-coating, fewer coats, shorter back-in-service
  • Site application: specially suited to petrochemicals and offshore tank refurbishment


RA 500/RA 500M RA 500M in crude oil tank

This is a solvent-free, wet tolerant glassflake epoxy with good chemical resistance. It is low viscosity and generally easy to apply. It is used extensively for tank lining in the following applications:-

RB 500

This is a solvent-free, cold applied lining system that can be supplied with or without glassflake; it is specifically designed for wine and beer applications. Main benefits/advantages:

  • FDA approved all alcoholic beverages with concentrations up to 50%
  • Smooth, glossy surface offering ease of decontamination and cleaning


RF 500

This is a solvent-free novolac epoxy glassflake system specifically designed for high acid concentration and low pH applications. This product is particularly suited to 98% sulphuric acid applications. Main benefits/advantages are:

  • Solvent-free, low viscosity, easy to apply
  • Extensively used for secondary containment in acidic environments


RI 500

This is a solvent-free, wet tolerant, glassflake, fast cure epoxy; very similar to RA 500 series but cost effective and fast.



RW 500

This is a solvent-free, glassflake, novolac epoxy. It is specifically designed as tank lining for the combination of high temperature and aggressive chemicals. This system is used where there are restrictions on solvent-based systems or where the vinylester range cannot be used. Main benefits/advantages are:

  • Solvent-free, low viscosity, easy to apply
  • Tank lining system for hazardous environments, e.g. petrochemicals and offshore

RD 900

This is a solvent-free, glassflake, high temperature tank lining epoxy. It is specifically designed for applications where the temperature is above the maximum acceptable level for vinylester or Novolac epoxies for immersed condition. Main benefits/advantages are:

  • Solvent-free, low viscosity, easy to apply
  • Tank lining system for immersed conditions up to 220ºC



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