Structural Coatings

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There are a number of innovative structural coatings:

  1. Solvent based systems (VOC compliant):

Epo-chem™ RL 500PF - an innovative, wet, rust and oil tolerant primer finish.

Epo-chem™ RC 500GTC – An innovative colour (full range) topcoat with exceptional chemical and UV resistance.

  1. Solvent-free systems

Epo-chem™ RS 500P: A unique, wet and rust tolerant, solvent-free system.

  1. Epoxy:

Easi-guard™ RM 500LR: 2 pack water based epoxy topcoat for cementitious fireproofing.

The RX range: 2 pack water-based epoxy with excellent chemical resistance, safe, odourless and resistance to yellowing.

Primer (Easi-prime™ RX 500P): Multi-purpose water based primer for any type of substrate; excellent concrete primer or for unknown and difficult substrates.

Topcoat (Easi-cote™ RX 500MT): Matt topcoat – especially useful for indoor or areas where solvent based systems cannot be used.

Topcoat (Easi-gloss™ RX 500GS): Gloss topcoat – Especially useful for indoor or areas where solvent based systems cannot be used.


  1. Acrylic:

RN range: single pack acrylic water based system with excellent UV resistance.

Primer (Fast-guard™ RN 500P): special low viscosity, damp tolerant primer for cementitious substrate and a general masonry primer.

Topcoat (Fast-guard™ RN 500FR): special fire retardant topcoat for cementitious fireproofing, damp tolerant, breathable system.

Topcoat (Fast-guard™ RN 500TC): special colour topcoat when solvent-based systems cannot be utilised.

Topcoat (Fast-guard™ RN 500RC): special roof coating system, simple.



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