Primer Systems

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Chemco has developed a market leading range of Primers for a wide range of applications.


Chemco offer:-

  • One Coat Primer Finishes – A range of MIO Zinc technology primers offering long lasting protection of  up to 15 years in one coat.  They are truly wet tolerant, require little surface preparation and are ideal for long-term cost-effective protection and maintenance of large structures;
  • Concrete Primers
    • ‚ÄčDamp-crete™ - Designed to work with green and saturated concrete
    • Chem-deck™ RB 800P - Primer for sealing concrete prior to the application of a coating system
  • Wet-blast Primer for damp, saturated or HP washed surfaces. Adhesion tests show  that cohesive failure only occurs at over 1200psi even when the primer is applied to wet substrates
  • Water-based Epoxy Primers - Easi-prime™ and Easi-flor™ ideal for use in confined spaces - for metal, concrete and most other substrates
  • Rust Converting PrimersRust-fix™ The range of solvent-based and water-based rust converting primers prime and stabilise rusty surfaces in one application; RK 500 and RK 500CP
  • Epo-chem™ Primers  – A range of epoxy based solvent-free wet tolerant primers ideal for our range of epoxy coatings and for use in confined spaces or where solvent emission is a potential problem... more Information
  • Vinylester Primers - Chem-tect™ for our range of vinylester coatings
  • Polyester Primers - Chem-glass™ for our range of polyester coatings
  • Holding or Blast Primers - for quick, cost-effective priming of freshly prepared or blasted steel... more information

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