High Temperature Coatings

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Chemco Products for Higher Temperature Conditions


  • Designed for a range of high temperatures and chemical resistance


Temperature Range


Hot-cote™ RA 900

Up to 850 °C

  • Can be applied at temperatures up to 170°C
  • Max. temp. 850°C under some circumstances
  • Surface tolerant
  • MIO/Zinc technology
  • Fire resistant (class 0)
  • UV stable
  • Weathering protection
  • Single pack system

Hot-cote™ RB 900

Up to 850 °C

  • High gloss topcoat/sealer version of RA 900
  • Clear veil coat for accelerated curing


Hot-cote™ RD 900


Up to 210 °C

  • Solvent-free, glassflake reinforced
  • Excellent resistance to high temperatures and chemical environments in immersed conditions
  • For tanks, pipes, separators etc.

Hot-cote™ RE 900

Up to 250 °C

  • Solvent-free, high temperature epoxy putty
  • Designed to fill crack, cavities and heavy pitting


Hot-cote™ RF 900


Up to 210 °C

  • Solvent-free, incorporating ceramic technology
  • For application in fluid flow environments and immersed conditions


Hot-cote™ RG 900TC


Up to 350 °C

  • Water-based, silicon topcoat
  • Designed as a topcoat for high temperature environments
  • Ideal for ovens, chimneys, hot stacks, high temperature reaction tanks etc.

Epo-chem™ RW 500 

Up to 125 °C

  • For hot water tanks, condensate returns, hot chemical storage tanks etc.
  • Confined spaces, solvent-free, 100% solid
  • Non-immersed temperature up to 220ºC

Up to 125 °C

  • Solvented version of RW 500
  • Outside use or ventilated spaces - 80% solid
  • Non-immersed temperature up to 220ºC


Epo-chem™ RL 500PF


Up to 150°C

  • For external pipework
  • Apply on surfaces running at up to 150°C
  • Outside use or ventilated spaces - 73% solid
  • UV resistant
  • Wet & rust tolerant




Up to 150°C

  • Experimental thermal insulation/chemical resistant product
  • Cost-effective alternative to thermal metal spray



RL 500PF on ducting running up to 150°C RW 500 in high temperature process vessel


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