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Specially designed coatings for application in high temperature environments such as pipes, vessels, chimney stacks, flare stacks etc. Coatings can be applied on hot or cold surfaces (up to 190°C) without the need to shutdown.

Hot-cote Products

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Product Name Primary characteristics Primary duties Product Details
Solvent-free Wet-tolerant Rust-tolerant Glassflake Low/No odour UV resistant Colour range available
RA 900 Surface-tolerant, UV resistant High temperature structural coating L
RB 900 Clear coat High temperature structural clear coat Clear
RD 900 Solvent-free High temperature tank lining L
RE 900 High temperature epoxy putty High temperature metal repair putty L
RF 900 Low friction/hardwearing up to 210°C High Temperature ceramic coating L
RG 900TC High temperature water-based silicon topcoat High temperature topcoat L