Chem-deck™ RF 800P

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Two pack solvent-free epoxy Novolac primer.

Chem-deck™ RF 800P is a solvent-free, high temperature epoxy Novolac primer with outstanding adhesion to cementitious substrates.


Primary Features:

  • Solvent-free (low odour)
  • High temperature epoxy Novolac primer
  • Outstanding adhesion to cementitious substrates
  • Ideal for application on concrete
  • Can be used as a high temperature, high chemical resistant sealer
  • Zero VOC
  • Exceptional high gloss finish
  • In cold and wet condition, amine blooming can occur
  • Recommended to be used as a primer for RW 500 and RF 500 Novolac glassflake topcoats


Data Sheets

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RF 800P's Properties

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Primary duties Primer for concrete surfaces
Primary characteristics Solvent-free primer
Food contact  
UV resistant  
Non skid & Anti-slip  
Walls & ceilings  
Minimum time to touch dry  
Low/No odour
Volume solids 100%
Maximum humidity 90%