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Chemco International's range of self-levelling, solvent-free flooring systems;designed to withstand heavy traffic loads, chemical attack and can be formulated for many other uses.

Chemco International's flooring systems are adapted for a wide variety of industrial applications giving protection from adverse chemical and loading environments. Chemco deliver high quality, specialised systems, custom designed to your specific requirements.

Chemco offers an extensive choice of features that can be incorporated into the products, including:

  • choice of colours
  • hard wearing, high impact resistant range of non-slip and anti-skid finishes
  • self-levelling, solvent-free, abrasion resistant resins
  • range of durable floor topping grades
  • load-bearing epoxy mortars and specialist filler materials

They provide a range of benefits including:

  • seamless, more level, firmer floors
  • restororation of damp or water damaged surfaces 
  • aesthetic finishes, free from noxious emissions
  • fast, effective, defect-free installation
  • minimum disruption

Chemco's flooring systems are designed for a wide range of applications offering long term protection in the following markets:

  • general-purpose products (low traffic loading) designed for ease of cleaning, ideal for showrooms, offices, etc
  • industrial floors (medium-to-heavy traffic) hard wearing protection for warehouses, areas of public use, etc
  • specialised industrial floors offering maximum protection against severe chemical attack, heavy traffic and water damage; ideally suitable where extensive remediation is necessary
  • chemical containment coatings unique chemically resistant systems for bunded areas, etc. for aggressive chemicals
  • highly specialised systems including solutions for clean rooms and conductive or anti-static areas

Chem-deck's Sub Brands

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Chem-deck Products

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Product Name Primary characteristics Primary duties Product Details
Solvent-free Wet-tolerant Rust-tolerant Glassflake Low/No odour UV resistant Colour range available
RA 800 Solvent-free Floor coating / self levelling
RB 800 Solvent-free Floor coating / self levelling
RB 800P Solvent-free Primer
RG 800 Solvent-free Floor coating / self levelling
RF 800P Solvent-free primer Primer for concrete surfaces
RK 800 High solids Single coat anti-slip flooring