Damp-crete™ RH 800

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Solvent-free two pack epoxy coating.

Damp-crete™ RH 800 is a solvent-free, wet tolerant flooring system typically utilised as a primer which allows green concrete to be primed as soon as new concrete has set. It can be applied onto fresh concrete whilst it is still green.

Chem-deck™ RH 800 applied on a chemical storage floor

Primary Features:

  • Solvent-free (low odour) flooring system
  • Allows floors to be finished and coated well before normal 28 day period for green concrete to cure
  • Allows successful topcoats to be applied less than 36 hours after concrete has set and Damp-crete™ applied
  • Exhibits excellent wet tolerant properties
  • Ideal as primer for saturated concrete e.g. basement floors, bunds & jetties
  • No humidity restrictions
  • No additional ventilation required during application
  • Ideal flooring system for confined spaces
  • Offers improved adhesion of secondary coats
  • Can be used as a sealant for porous concrete surfaces


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RH 800's Properties

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Primary duties Damp / Green concrete primer
Primary characteristics Solvent-free & wet tolerant
Food contact  
UV resistant  
Non skid & Anti-slip
Walls & ceilings  
Minimum time to touch dry 1 hr
Low/No odour
Volume solids 100%
Anti-static/Conductive version available  
Maximum humidity 100%

RH 800's Case Histories

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Company Location Job Description Industry Date of Job
Resitech UK Concrete Structural Repair Industrial 01/2019
New Tech Distribution France Concrete Structural Repair Oil & Gas 12/2018
NCC UK Concrete Structural Repair Industrial 10/2018
Hertel (UK) Grangemouth Concrete Structural Repair Petrochemical 10/2018
MIPC bvba Russia Concrete Structural Repair Industrial 10/2018

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