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The main range of solvent-free, epoxy, epoxy acrylic and epoxy novolac systems, formulated for metal and concrete substrates.



Epo-chem™ 500 series is based on a range of solvent-free epoxy resins reinforced with screened glassflake that can be applied to metal, concrete and other substrates. They form a durable barrier to weathering, corrosion and temperature. These coatings have excellent, all-round mechanical properties thus making them ideal protection for various installations, plant and equipment.

Product Characteristics

Chemco has developed the most advanced and innovative range of epoxy systems available in the market today.

Their benefits include:

  • high gloss retention and resistance to chalking 
  • outstanding elongation and flexural strength
  • excellent chemical resistance to many acids, alkalines, and aromatic solvents
  • high impact and wear resistance
  • easy-to-use - systems are cold applied
  • multi-purpose
  • user-friendly and environmentally compliant (most are solvent-free, others VOC compliant)
  • outstanding adhesion to moist, even wet substrates
  • systems can be applied during inclement weather, reducing downtime and delays

Epo-chem's Sub Brands

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Epo-chem Products

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Product Name Primary characteristics Primary duties Product Details
Solvent-free Wet-tolerant Rust-tolerant Glassflake Low/No odour UV resistant Colour range available
RA 500 Solvent-free, wet tolerant Multi-purpose / tank lining / structural coating / deck coating etc. F
RA 500M IMO - ballast tank and crude oil tank approved. NSF Certified for drinking water applications Multi-purpose/tank lining/structural coating/deck coating etc. L
RB 500 Solvent-free, FDA approved Tank lining for wine and beer L
RC 500GTC UV resistant, colour stable, chemical resistant, high gloss isocyanate and amine-free. Colour topcoat for epoxies F
RF 500 98% Sulphuric acid Tank and bund lining F
RG 500 Solvent-free flexible epoxy Flexible membrane F
RI 500 Solvent-free wet-tolerant, fast cure Multi-purpose, tank lining, structural coating, deck coating etc F
RI 500M-NB Solvent-free, wet-tolerant, fast cure, non blooming at low temp Multi-purpose / tank lining / structural coating / deck coating etc. F
RL 500PF Wet & rust tolerant Structural, pipe & tank externals - Single coat Primer/Finish L
RS 500P Wet & Rust tolerant. NSF Certified for fresh drinking water applications Solvent-free primer L
RV 500 Solvent-based glassflake High temperature structural coating L
RW 500 Solvent-free Tank lining for multi-purpose chemical storage vessels L
RZ 500P Low viscosity, fast drying Holding primer L
RE 500P Epoxy Novolac Primer Epoxy Primer System L