Diver-cote™ RA 500UW-S

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Two pack, solvent-free epoxy system.

Diver-stix™ RA 500UW-S is a solvent-free, wet tolerant underwater epoxy glue specifically designed as an underwater adhesive for bonding metal, GRP and concrete substrates.


Primary Features:

  • Solvent-free (odourless), wet tolerant underwater epoxy glue
  • Glassflake properties form an impermeable barrier to protect against corrosion
  • There is less glue film dispersion with this system over traditional underwater glues (a common problem with this type of application); instead the adhesive forms a smooth, paint-like finish, enabling very high application rates to be achieved
  • It can be applied underwater or onto very wet or saturated substrates
  • No overcoating limitations
  • System exhibits excellent abrasion resistance
  • Able to withstand severe physical stresses caused by wave action
  • Can be used on hand prepared or hydro-blasted metal and concrete substrates
  • Offers minimal dispersion during application, which in turn:
    • reduces potential contamination of the environment
    • helps to keep expensive diving suits and equipment clean
    • improves the controllability and accuracy as the diver's vision is clearer for a longer period  of time
    • improves efficiency and productivity
  • Will reduce the risk of MIC (Microbiological Induced Corrosion) and SRB (Sulphate Reducing Bacteria) as it doesnt not contain the food ingredients contained in traditional solvent-borne systems which bacteria thrives on
  • Exhibits long-term resistance to the marine environment
  • Ideal product for use with other underwater application products such as Diver-cote™ and Diver-filler™


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Case Studies

RA 500UW-S's Properties

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Primary duties Underwater adhesive
Primary characteristics Designed for application under water
Low/No odour
Maximum humidity N/A%
Volume solids 100%
UV resistant  
Maximum immersed temperature 60°C
Maximum non-immersed temperature °C
Minimum time to touch dry 10 hrs
Maximum overcoat time Unlimited
Typical dry film thickness (dft) per coat N/Aµ
Colour range available Limited range of colours is available

RA 500UW-S's Case Histories

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Company Location Job Description Industry Date of Job
MIPC bvba Belgium Underwater Structural Repair Industrial 08/2018
Callidus Process Solutions Wangara, Australia Underwater Structural Repair Industrial 02/2018
Eleazar General & Industrial Supplies Trinidad & Tobago Underwater Repair Industrial 01/2018
Callidus Process Solutions Wangara, Australia Underwater Repair Industrial 01/2018
Watermaid Europe S.L. Murcia, Spain Underwater Repair Industrial 05/2017

RA 500UW-S's Related Case Studies

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Company/Industry Location Date of Job
Underwater Bridge Piles Repair - Courtesy of CSC Australia Australia 07-2009

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