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Vinylester systems provide outstanding resistance to severe chemical environments and high temperatures.


Chemco has been designing specialist tank lining systems for over 30 years, therefore these glassflake linings have over 30 years record of performance in the most aggressive chemical and high temperature resistant lining applications. Chemco also offers a range of ceramic systems for tank lining where abrasion as well as chemical resistance is required.

Vinylester has now mostly replaced polyester as it can handle the most aggressive chemicals at higher temperatures.

Vinylester glassflake systems offer long-term corrosion protection across the full pH range of 1-14. It is particularly good in acidic environments at high temperatures where epoxies are not effective.

The Chemco Vinylester range is unlike any other systems in the market. It is based on the combination of the highest quality Vinylester resin systems and different sizes of glassflake, offering a complete engineering solution for the most challenging environments. Most available Vinylester systems in the market are of low cost type resins and only available in spray grade with the smallest glassflake size. These systems do not offer the same degree of protection as the “original glassflake” grades which are unique as follows:-

All Chemco Vinylester products in the range are manufactured in the following grades;

  • 364: 300 series with 1/64” glassflake size: Spray grade (airless pump minimum ratio: 45:1)
  • 332: 300 series with 1/32” glassflake size: Spray grade (airless pump minimum ratio 63:1)
  • 308: 300 series with 1/8” glassflake size: hand applied only by brush/roller/trowel
  • 300L: 300 series laminating resin: special grade without glassflake for use with fibreglass/glass matt for refurbishment/reinforcements. E.g. tank bottom refurbishment (condemned tanks).
  • 300P: Special low viscosity primer for concrete or other porous surfaces
  • 300TC: Special waxed topcoat for better cure and specialist applications
  • 300 Putty: Vinylester putty, used for filling and repair of deep pitting, caulking etc.

Their benefits include:

  • outstanding high temperature performance (immersed up to 130ºC, non-immersed up to 195ºC)
  • excellent chemical resistance (pH1-14)
  • fast curing even at low temperatures 
  • high impact and fatigue resistance 
  • touch dry within 2 - 4 hrs
  • fast turnaround, equipment back in service within 24 hrs 
  • high damage resistance, even at low temperatures 
  • long term guarantees, in excess of 20 years

Chem-tect Products

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Product Name Primary characteristics Primary duties Product Details
Solvent-free Wet-tolerant Rust-tolerant Glassflake Low/No odour UV resistant Colour range available
RA 300 Alkalis/Organic solvents Caustic/Alkalis/ Hypochlorites/ Methanol F
RB 300 Suitable for all refined fuels Tank lining for multi-purpose chemical storage vessels F
RB 300TC Very aggressive chemical resistance Special wax topcoat/sealant for Vinylester F
RB 300C Electrically conductive Storage of flammable products. For chemicals which attack glassflake. L
RB 300P Low viscosity, fast drying Primer for concrete/glass/fibreglass/steel L
RC 300 Superior flexibility & Impact resistant Superior adhesion to difficult substrates especially stainless steel. F
RD 300 Fire retardant High temperature and aggressive chemicals F
RE 300 High temp/aggressive chemical resistant Flue Gas & High Temp plants with good aggressive chemical resistance F
RF 300 Acids & Solvent resistant at high temperatures Highest temperature tank lining F