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Polyester systems suitable for many applications because they form a tough, highly impermeable barrier to corrosion (resistant to acids, alkalines and many solvents).


Chem-glass series are based on bisphenol A fumarate resins reinforced with screened glassflake and catalysed with 1-3% of ketone peroxide. They form a tough, impermeable barrier to corrosion (pH1-14), high temperatures (immersed: 90ºC, atmospheric: 125ºC), abrasion and erosion.

Product Characteristics

The systems are recommended where long lasting performance is required. Their unique characteristics (optimum protection from the harshest and most severe operating environments) makes them an ideal choice for metal, concrete and other substrates.

Their benefits include:-

  • outstanding chemical resistance to acids, alkalines and many solvents
  • multi-purpose
  • adjustable pot life
  • touch dry within 1-2 hrs
  • fast turnaround, equipment can be back in service within 12 hours 
  • ease of repair (100%effective) and machinability
  • fast curing even at low temperatures
  • excellent U.V.& abrasion resistance
  • can be applied up to 1.0 mm per coat 
  • long term guarantees up to 25 years

Chem-glass Products

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Product Name Primary characteristics Primary duties Product Details
Solvent-free Wet-tolerant Rust-tolerant Glassflake Low/No odour UV resistant Colour range available
RA 200 Chemical resistance pH 1 to 14 Tank Lining F
RA 200C Electrically conductive Storage of flammable products. For chemicals which attack glassflake. L
RE 200 Excellent chemical resistance/Good UV resistant Offshore structure single coat system F
RE 200P Improving adhesion of secondary coat Concrete and other structures L