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Chemco have developed the world’s first solvent-free, wet & rust tolerant coating system that has truly revolutionised
the Protective & Marine Coatings Industry. This system exhibits exceptional adhesion to rusty or poorly prepared and
wet surfaces and has been proven to significantly reduce the overall time and cost of a project.

These proven advanced speciality coatings have not only passed independent laboratory tests, they have also been
approved and used by almost all major shipping companies worldwide with complete success. They are supported by
the most comprehensive and transferable guarantees for complete refurbishment, new build and uniquely for patch
repair work.

RS 500P is an innovative solvent-free, wet & rust            Primer coat of RS 500P applied on rusty surface
tolerant epoxy universal primer/finish coating system.
The system’s long-term performance is based on
completely sealing the surface (porous-free film) and
arresting the rust totally.

The use of sacrificial fillers enables the system to be
applied to surface standards as low as Sa 1, WJ-4 or St 2.	
RS 500P can be utilised as a one-coat system by brush,
roller or airless spray.

   RA 500M being applied on RS 500P primed surface           RA 500M is a unique solvent-free, wet tolerant, highly
                                                             chemical resistant, glassflake epoxy single coat/topcoat.
    APPLICATION AREAS                                        Glassflake systems have been utilised for over 30 years
                                                             in the most aggressive environments as they offer a total
                                                             barrier against moisture and corrosive ions.

                                                             RA 500M can be applied as a topcoat on primers or as
                                                             a one-coat system with minimum surface preparation
                                                             standards Sa 2, WJ-2 or St 3.

Epo-chemâ„¢ RS 500P and RA 500M combine to make a multi-functional,
groundbreaking coating system which has been extensively used for a wide variety
of applications, including:

   •	 All Tank Internals              •	 Superstructures
   •	 Pipelines (including sweating)  •	 Swimming Pools
   •	 Decks (internal/external)       •	 Jetties
   •	 Splash & Tidal Zones            •	 New Builds
   •	 Food Processing                 •	 Plus many more...

This system has been IMO approved for application in sea water ballast tanks      Factory Walls
and crude oil cargo tanks. It has also been certified by NSF for potable water
applications and FDA approved for food contact and potable water.

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