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There are three main methods of surface preparation; abrasive blasting, water jetting and mechanical. For decades
grit blasting has been the most commonly used surface preparation method; however, in recent years the high cost
and environmental impact of grit blasting has forced the industry to look at alternative surface preparation methods.


Abrasive blasting to Sa 2½ will always offer the best
surface preparation. This is the method traditionally
utilised for all conventional paint systems.

Unfortunately abrasive blasting encompasses a lengthy
setup, large labour squads and extensive equipment
requirements. Abrasive blasting also involves many
time consuming operations; containment, collection,
removal and disposal of the grit. Today it is considered
a hazardous and costly process which is not permissible
in many projects (e.g. Offshore).

                                                             MECHANICAL PREPARATION

                                                             Mechanical preparation can be undertaken by various

                                                             •	 Wire Brush       •	 Needlegun
                                                             •	 Scraper          •	 Grinding Discs
                                                             •	 Chipping Hammer  •	 Sanding Discs

                                                             Utilising Chemco’s innovative technology allows application
                                                             on surfaces prepared to standards as low as St 2.


High Pressure (HP) and Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water
jetting are gaining popularity due to their cost-effective
and environmentally friendly nature. Chemco specify HP
water jetting (500-800 bar) as the most efficient, safe and
convenient surface preparation method, with standards as
low as WJ-3.

One consequence of utilising water jetting is the
development of flash rust on the surface; which is
problematic for conventional paint systems. Chemco have
eliminated this problem by developing innovative wet &
rust tolerant technology where flash rust is acceptable.

Chemco’s wet & rust tolerant coating systems have
exceptional adhesion to rusty or poorly prepared and wet
surfaces (> 1200 psi / 8 MPa).

Water jetting can also be utilised as an excellent and
cost-effective method of surface preparation for concrete

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