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Chemco is a world leader in innovative coating solutions  These systems have been successfully utilised across all
in the Protective & Marine Coatings Industry.             major industries:

Founded in 1982, Chemco International traces its origin   •	 Industrial       •	 Marine
back to the Original Glassflake Company, the inventors    •	 Petrochemical    •	 Power Generation
of glassflake technology in the 1960s. In 1990, the       •	 Offshore         •	 Oil & Gas
name was changed to Chemco International under new        •	 Food & Beverage  •	 Water & Sewage
                                                          The delivery of technologically advanced solutions also
Today, Chemco specialise in the design and manufacture    relies upon quality conscious people. Chemco have
of the most advanced polymers for leading edge            invested in a first class team of autonomous, highly
anti-corrosion coatings utilised worldwide.               motivated and multi-skilled professionals, who together
                                                          conceive and implement the most advanced solutions to
                                                          corrosion and abrasion.

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